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What's Being Said

Who better to tell you about my work than me and my clients? Here are some of the publications I've been a part of and endorsements I've received.  

See what others have to say about Karla!

  • My expert panel feature on Forbes where I was featured in the article "Eight Lifestyle Hacks To Staying Happy And Fulfilled As An Entrepreneur" in 2021. 


"A while ago I got scammed... ​and that ended up taking a big hit on my credit. I was really really skeptical at first, I'd already had a bad experience ... I took that risk with her and I'm so glad I did, she has been nothing but great to me."


"When it comes to investing your money, you want someone who's going to still be there even when you don't feel like continuing pushing. You want someone who's gonna push for you, and that's what she does.

I tried to fix my credit myself... but I never ever was able to get the results that she got me."

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"They have been able to remove over 20 negative items, including a bankruptcy, from my credit report. I am so blown away by what they have been able to get accomplished in such a short amount of time." -


"She improved my credit score by 81 points so I was about to get a loan for my house for $550,000-

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